ADA Compliancy

Is your website ADA compliant?

Did you know?

Accessibility overlays and widget plugins do not prevent ADA lawsuits.

Why does my site need to be ADA Compliant (Accessible)?

The Americans with Disabilities Act. For example, Blind or Deaf/Blind People, Those with learning difficulties, emotional and behavioral disabilities.

Why is my site not ADA compliant?

There may be a boat load of reasons why your website may lack compliancy. Some items include:

  • Text: html tags, fonts, distractions, color contrasting.
  • Links; Navigation, buttons and links, web forms,
  • Media: images, galleries, sliders, fancy lightboxes. video, audio.
  • Layout: Page structure and organization. Tab indexing and aria labels and focus indicators.
  • Documents: PDFs, word docs, PowerPoint.